Experiments are what I refer to work that was informative for creative research but did not become a final body of work. These pieces are experimental and are part of the exploratory process towards a final art work or style of disemmnation.

Plotting and Printing An important part of Bankhead, Revisited was the copperr-plate prints made from wireframe meshes of scanned areas in the Upper Bankhead townsite. This experimental process of using contour lines, an Axidraw plotter and potential 3D printing is to explore ways of representing the landscape as it was visited.

These processes will be further refined and presented with the same conceptual basis as the copper plate prints: vantages of spaces that are presented as puzzles to be visually intriguing, to trigger the imagination of the viewer without as much information as a simple photograph would be.

Plotting a traditional wireframe mesh

Plotting a contour of a wreframe mesh

Experimenting with a 3D model of a scanned location